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Teamworking in the Lord’s Work: Understanding the Basic Principles of the work – Sylvanus Godspower
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   The intense competition between the workers to attract the attention of the public, and the rising rate of contention and hatred in the work today is alarming. Many aspects of the work have not been handled well; many things are messed up in the church, and even the services that are rendered are not done well to the Lord’s satisfaction. In truth, the many gospel workers who minister according to their own desire have caused a great havoc to the church in recent times.

   There is a principle governing the work. Yes! There is an ordained way of serving the Lord to be well pleasing to Him. Missing this way, even the greatest work one accomplishes and the results he produces will not attract any reward from the Lord of the vineyard.

   This book is compiled from volume two of the way of the church and is intended to help the believers understand the basic principle of the gospel work. This book discusses four major topics regarding the work. These are:

  1. How God raises key workers to form gospel teams.
  1. The Lord’s compound work and its various departments.
  2. The universal and local work of God.
  3. The ordained way gospel teams must follow in doing the work.

   I pray and believe that this book will be a great source of nourishment to the Body of Christ.

   Sylvanus Godspower


   January 2023,

   Kpong, Eastern Region Ghana.



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