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Calling into Ministry

The Writing Ministry Of Sylvanus Godspower

God’s Power Gospel Books Printing Service


Calling into Ministry

Sylvanus Godspower was born into a Christian family in the Volta Region of Ghana. He is from the family of six, and he is the only male child of his parents. At the age of 12 as he was in primary 6, the hands of the Lord has captured him and given him a dynamic salvation. Then he knew the Lord for himself and no longer walks in the light of his parents.

When Sylvanus got saved, he immediately began to throw away everything that could damage his relationship with the Lord. Thus he was separated from his friends and spent most of his leisure in the word and prayer throughout his basic education. After he had completed his basic school education in the year 2015, he had a burning desire to seek the Lord. This strong desire then drove him to diligently read the Bible and several gospel materials daily.

It happened on one fortune day when Sylvanus visited Mr. Joseph Ganu, his uncle, who lives in the same town with his parents that he discussed with him the Power of the Holy Spirit for effective gospel ministry. He reiterated that one must pray persistently to be baptized with this Power and then become a useful vessel in the House of God. He was the first to introduce Sylvanus to the procurement of the tremendous power of God through constant prayer and fasting.

“Uncle Joseph said, ‘Constant and effective prayer and fasting are essential prerequisites of having an extraordinary encounter with God and developing a cordial relationship with Him.’” - Sylvanus Godspower

This fellowship greatly deepened Sylvanus' hunger for the Word and prayer. Hence, he purposed to pay every difficult price it would cost him and to offer every huge sacrifice that would be demanded from him to be anointed with the Power of the Holy Spirit and have a cordial relationship with the Lord Jesus.

“My heart, having clung to this, I became even more resolute in my pursuit to lay hold on the Lord. I prayed for hours each day, read a lot of verses and many books, and set aside 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm of some days for prayer.” - Sylvanus Godspower

A few months later, as Sylvanus Godspower was still pursuing to lay hold on the Lord, the word of the Lord came to him and instructed him to offer everything for full-time gospel ministry. However, Sylvanus had an intense wrestle with the Lord in this matter, not willing to lose his promising future.

“These words indeed caused my soul to be greatly distressed and my heart to be broken into pieces because of my passion for education. Hmm! This melancholy instruction of the Lord caused me, that young boy, to move from place to place to hide myself from the Lord. However, every place I went in the attempt to hide from the Lord’s presence, there I will still hear Him even more.” - Sylvanus Godspower

In September 2016, the Lord has again manifested Himself to Sylvanus Godspower and spoke to him about His work. This subsequent encounter with the Lord was much mightier than the first. This eventually convinced him to surrender himself to the Lord and absolutely obey His leading.

Stepping out into the Ministry

On the 12th of June 2017, after a long wrestle with the Lord, Sylvanus Godspower finally surrendered himself to the Lord’s leading and sacrificed everything for full-time gospel ministry. Concerning his decision on the 12th of June, Sylvanus wrote,

“On the 12th of June, 2017, there occurred an event that made ministerial history. If anyone should ask, what is that event? I will only say with a smile, ‘It is the day I broke my alabaster flask of very costly oil to satisfy the desire of my Lord; the day I had chosen to lose the care of my loved ones in order to keep the Lord’s companionship; the day the mighty hands of God had fully grabbed me for His mighty move, and the day I had fully stepped out into the full-time gospel ministry.” - Sylvanus Godspower

His Apostolic Team

Sylvanus Godspower believes that the gospel work is a team work inasmuch as individualism debilitates the mighty flow of the Lord’s power. He raised a team of workers who labours together with him for the expansion of the kingdom of God in his generation. His closed teammates are Godsway Letsa, Gad Ahenu, Jacob Agbove, Mawunya Egbezutsor, and Edzemenam Finality Letsa.

Their work is temporary based at Kpong in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Sylvanus Godspower and his team carry out the ministry by preaching the gospel, conducting crusades, holding prayer meetings, publishing books, and reaching out to people. Their ministries continue to bless multitudes in the world.

The Writing Ministry Of Sylvanus Godspower

The Burden to Seek the Lord

As the signal of the trumpet, Sylvanus Godspower always sound, "Prayer is knowing the Lord's desires and asking for their accomplishment," in August 2019, Sylvanus had perceived by the Spirit that the time is due and that the season has come in his ministry for a new chapter to be opened unto him. In response to this divine awareness, he separated himself the following month from every activity that would distract him and set all his attention on God. Thus he fasted, prayed, and restricted his movement to seek answers from God that whole month (even as he did not know exactly the new thing the Lord wanted to do).

The Grace for Writing

At the end of September, after he broke his fast, the Lord again burdened his heart to continue his fasting and separation throughout both October and November. Sylvanus submitted himself to the Lord's leading and petitioned Him to fill him with the Holy Spirit and open to him the new chapter as he has promised. During this second period of separation, Sylvanus encountered the Lord and He commissioned him to write books.

Alas! How possible will this be? He questioned himself. His knowledge in God's words, his understanding of both natural and spiritual affairs, and his wisdom in handling issues were very little in his own eyes. Considering his age and his experiences, he disqualified himself. In view of his financial status and his marketing ability for the books to attract a wide readership, Sylvanus realized he was certainly unfitting to carry out this work. As he carefully pondered over all these for fear of trying the impossible, another giant inability struck his mind. Of course, it was the biggest of all his fears. This is his low educational background. Like Moses in Exodus 4:13, Sylvanus Godspower also told the Lord to send someone else for he is unqualified. Although he made several attempts to evade this divine assignment, the mighty hands of God could not let him go!

The Lord, in the multitude of His mercy, encouraged him in several ways, yet Sylvanus was still hesitant, complaining of his inability to express himself in writing seeing that he is only a basic school graduate. Soon afterward, Sylvanus encountered the Lord more deeply. In a vision, an angel of the Lord taught him the gospel in the English Language for three consecutive days. Immediately after that experience, the Lord has set an open door of writing before him.

“My grammar and my skill in constructing sentences have risen to a higher degree. Now I can write by the help of the Lord who strengthens me. Whenever I sit by my computer to write that the Lord writes through me. By my ability, I cannot construct a sentence let alone writing a book. In truth, I don't copy anyone's book or anyone's article on the internet, neither have I sought to do so. For I am not the one who writes to suffer in search for the words to write; of course, the Lord, who is the Writer releases the weightiest words from His vault. Thus, I have already published a couple of books.” ~ Sylvanus Godspower

“To my amazement, as I began my writing ministry, the revelation of the word came to me in a way I had never experienced beforehand. Then I understood what Apostle Paul meant as he said, "The gospel I preached was not according to man, for I neither received it from man nor was I taught, but it came through the revelation of Jesus Christ" (Galatians 1:11 to 12). This made me believe that it is certainly the perfect will of God for me to write books. At this point, I submitted myself under the leading of the Holy Spirit and prayed for His empowerment.” ~ Sylvanus Godspower

The Publishing House

After Sylvanus Godspower had absolutely surrendered himself to the Lord and began the writing ministry, he founded God’s Power Gospel Books Printing Service whose publications are known as God’s Power Gospel Books, a non-profit organization in the year 2020 and have his first couple of publications in July that same year. God’s Power Gospel Books Printing Service has the principal objective of publishing the works of Sylvanus Godspower and his team, translating the publications into other languages, distributing free booklets for evangelism, sharing online tips on the spiritual ways of living, and producing audio of the publications.

We pray and believe that the writing ministry of this servant of God will serve as a channel through which the living water can reach many souls.

God’s Power Gospel Books Printing Service

God’s Power Gospel Books Printing Service is a non-profit organisation, founded by Sylvanus Godspower in 2020 which publishes the works of Sylvanus Godspower and his apostolic team. The ministries of Sylvanus Godspower and his team emphasize Christ in helping people find intimacy with God and grow into the stature of the fullness of Christ.

God’s Power Gospel Books Printing Service is temporarily operated at Kpong in the Eastern Region of Ghana by saints from different localities who have voluntarily dedicated themselves to the furtherance of the true and unadulterated gospel in word and print. God’s Power Gospel Books Printing Service produces all manner of Christian literature including children's books, providing free titles that are designed to be distributed in gospel outreach, schools, youth camps, and other social gatherings. The service is also committed to translating the books into other languages, producing audio of the publication, sharing online tips, and broadcasting the podcast of the apostolic team of Sylvanus Godspower.


God’s Power Gospel Books Printing Service is committed to translating the publications into the most spoken local languages in Africa in our effort to make the riches of Christ more accessible to everyone on this continent. To achieve this, the service is open to working with individuals and groups who are willing to help in translating the books into their languages. Burdened individuals and groups must read at least three of our publications thoroughly to be qualified for enrolment.

The Ewe Translation Team

A group of believers who had access to God’s Power Gospel Books Publications in the Volta Region of Ghana and experienced the maximum impact it had on believers’ growth, had committed themselves to translating all the available titles into the Ewe language for the benefit of those who are not privilege to read the English Version. By the grace of God, they have successfully translated Book Two – Prayer Meetings of The Need for Prayer Series into Ewe. Testimonies are dropping in from many families who have started home meeting and churches whose prayer meetings are transformed through the impact of the Ewe book. They are labouring to translate the remaining books into the Ewe languages for the benefit of many souls.

Partner with Us

To get the books translated into your local language, please send your request, and we will reach out to you.

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