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Teamworking in the Lord’s Work: Understanding the Basic Principles of the work – Sylvanus Godspower
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   In the previous discussion, we have seen the advancement of the Lord’s work from the era of Noah to the end of the world. We have also seen the current work the Lord is doing in our era; that is, the building of the church and the preparation of the bride for His second coming.

   Throughout the ages, man plays a vital role in the Lord’s work. Man is in the centre of God and His work, yes, he is in the middle of the purpose of God and its accomplishment. The role man plays in God’s work is that he cooperates with the God who purposed and willingly offers himself [and all that he has] to Him as a channel through which God can accomplish His purpose. Man’s cooperation with God is to be in tune with God resulting from his diligent seeking of the Lord and the ample time he spends in His presence. Of course, when man gets in tune with God, he has constant fellowship with Him. Thus, the Lord will communicate His heart to man, and man will know God’s current purpose and plans. After the discovery of God’s purpose, the final role man plays for the accomplishment of God’s work is to willingly offer himself and all that he has for the Lord’s thorough use. In every era that God had accomplished something, He got a few people who stayed in tune with Him to know His heart’s desire and willingly offered themselves up to Him for His use. If man is not in the position to work with the Lord, the Lord’s work suffers a delay.

   Dear saints, in this era that the Lord is building the church and preparing His bride for His second coming, His eyes are searching for those who will cooperate with Him and offer themselves for His thorough. The Lord had worked with the early apostles, and He had also worked with a few faithful servants who had offered themselves to Him up to the 21st century. Since He is not yet back, He is still in the business of building the church and preparing His bride. Therefore, He is looking for a few more saints to recruit for His kingdom work. On every day, His eyes are searching, and on every occasion, He is sounding the trumpet, calling for new workers. Till the Lord comes, the recruitment of new workers shall not cease. Till the world comes to an end, the Lord will not stop working with His workers for the building up of the church (Matthew 9:37 to 38). Oh, that the Lord will find a few more workers for His mighty use in our generation!



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