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Teamworking in the Lord’s Work: Understanding the Basic Principles of the work – Sylvanus Godspower
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    The Lord’s work in the various eras shows that God uses teams of workers for the accomplishment of His work. By the grace of God, I had prayed and studied the Bible several times to gain a deeper understanding of God’s work and I am still striving to receive more light on this subject. However, I have not yet come across any instance when God used only one person to thoroughly accomplish His work and this person did not have anyone who stood with him. Behold, if there is any such instance, then it is very rare and I have not yet seen it. Someone will talk about Philip the evangelist. Well! Philip indeed went to Samaria alone; even so, Philip could not thoroughly execute the purpose of God in that city alone. He needed the service of other workers for the fulfilment of that task (Acts 8:4 to 8, 14).

   In every move of God, God gets a key worker or some key workers (depending on what He wants to accomplish) and gives them with a few workers who would stand with them and would work with them for the fulfilment of His purpose. Sometimes, God surrounds these key workers with those workers even before they start working. Other times, the Lord will use these key workers to start the work alone (not having a team immediately) and when they are working for some time then He will add a group of workers to them. Moreover, while the work is progressing, the Lord will continue to gather workers around them to work with them for the accomplishment of His purpose.

   When God wanted to eliminate wickedness on the earth and raise a God-fearing generation (Genesis 6:1 to 7), He got Noah and surrounded him with his wife and children (Genesis 6:7 to 9; 7:1). In the era of Abraham, when God wanted to have a nation for Himself, God laid hold of Abraham and made Sarah, his wife, his teammate (Genesis 12:5). Then in the era when God’s people were in captivity in Egypt, God got Moses and added his brother Aaron (Exodus 4:14 to 16), Joshua (Exodus 24:13), and the elders of the tribes of Israel (Numbers 11:16 to 17) to him as his team. Again, when God found Samuel for His work, He gave Him a group of prophets as his team (First Samuel 10:5). King David, the Lord surrounded with four hundred mighty men who worked with him for the accomplishment of the Lord’s work in his generation (First Samuel 22:1 to 2; First Chronicles 11:10 to 47).

Now in the New Testament, the Lord got hold of John, the Baptist, for His move and gave him disciples who would work with him (Luke 7:18). During the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ on the earth, He appointed twelve apostles who had worked with Him (Matthew 10:1 to 4), and seventy other disciples whom He sent two by two into every city and place where He was about to go (Luke 10:1). In this era that the Lord is building His church and preparing His bride, He is still using teams to accomplish His purpose.  Therefore, when He got hold of Paul, He gave him a team. Likewise, He did to Peter and many other workers of old, and so, He is doing now.

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