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Becoming a Member of the Church – Sylvanus Godspower
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   The membership of every family is of birth. Once a certain life reproduces, its offspring will automatically become members of the family of the life that begot them since they possess its life and nature. In the same way, the membership of the family of God; that is, the church, is of birth. This birth is regeneration. Regeneration simply means, man, receiving Christ into himself to change his nature.

   Becoming a Member of the Church is designed to deal with the popular misconception about the membership of the church. This book is part of God’s Power Gospel Books Free Booklets (for new believers) and is compiled from The Way of the Church – Volume One. We pray and believe that this booklet will serve as a great source of nourishment to the body.

If you desire to distribute this free booklet in your community, please visit the Become a Distributor Page to check the requirements and make your first request. Click here to access other free booklets and here to access the free gospel tracts.

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