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Becoming a Member of the Church – Sylvanus Godspower

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   The New Testament clearly unveils that the church is being built upon Christ Jesus who is the living rock and the revelation given by the Heavenly Father about Him. Behold, everything about the church is of Christ; the foundation of the church is Christ, the content of the church is Christ and the nature of the church is also Christ. Anything other than Christ is nothing but a complete opposite of what the Lord Jesus is building. In this vein, anyone whose content is not Christ is not a member of the church that Christ is building. Such a person may be among the call-out assembly; he may be known after them and even act like one of them, but the truth remains that as far as Christ is not dwelling in him, he is not part of the church. Not until he genuinely receives Christ and becomes regenerated, he is a false brother just as Apostle Paul stated in Galatians 2:4. The church is of Christ, it is for Christ, and it is issued from Christ; for this very reason, its membership is of nothing else but to be borne by the Life of Christ!

   This booklet deals with the popular misconception about the membership of the church, unveiling everything you need to know about genuine salvation. Discover the biblically proven procedures in obtaining salvation to become a proud member of the household of Christ.

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Becoming a Member of the Church

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2 days ago
Amen and Amen. I'm a proud member of the church for Christ lives in me.
2 days ago
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