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Becoming a Member of the Church – Sylvanus Godspower
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   At the first glance, we realized that everything about the church is of Christ and its membership is of regeneration; that is, being born again. As this truth is unchangeable, it seems good that everyone should put his shoulder to the wheel and have a close look at the Scriptural guide which shows us how regeneration can be obtained.

   In many of our gospel outreach, we got into contact with several people who did not have the right understanding of what regeneration really means. Some of these people claim that once a person regularly attends church services, pays his tithes and offerings and dress decently, and is not found in an intimate relationship with anyone’s spouse nor touch that which does not belong to him (that is, stealing), then he is regenerated. Others believe that regeneration is when a person acknowledges the existence of God, the Creator, and honours Him by praising Him and doing good to his neighbour. Fellow brethren, the matter of regeneration is very crucial. It is the primary requirement of becoming a member of the household of God. Hence, if it is not well handled, it will eventually make a person’s services and his entire worship void before God.

   What then is regeneration? Regeneration simply means, man, receiving Christ into his human spirit to change his nature. It can also be defined as the mingling of the Life-Giving Spirit with a person’s [human] spirit.  To be regenerated, one must undergo the simple steps in the procedure of obtaining genuine salvation. These are: 1. Repentance, 2. believing in Christ Jesus, 3. Confession and 4, Baptism.

   Now, let us proceed and consider the four steps in the procedure of obtaining genuine salvation as listed above.


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