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Effects of Sin on Our Prayer Life – Sylvanus Godspower
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   The Need for Prayer Series came about unexpectedly in three books; not because I wanted to write a book, but it is an outburst of the work of the Holy Spirit in me that could dramatically create the hunger for prayer in individuals, households, ministries, and churches.  I give glory to the Lord as He released these spiritual riches to His Body.

   It is clear that the books in this series are not the works of a man, but of the Holy Spirit. The Need For Prayer Series has been printed in three volumes. These are: BOOK ONE – Prayer Is Needed for Effective Ministration, BOOK TWO – Prayer Meetings, and BOOK THREE – Effects of Sin on Our Prayer Life. These will show you that prayer requires a lot of care and attention for spiritual effectiveness, and the importance of spending enough time in the presence of God. 

   BOOK ONE speaks about the prayer ministry of the various ministries in connection to their functions. BOOK TWO unveils the various kinds of prayer meetings found in the Bible. It also provides convincing scriptural proofs of the need and the importance of prayer meetings. BOOK THREE discusses the effects of sins; both on our prayer life and on our prayers. You are encouraged to have access to these three books.

   Although, much truth has been revealed to us in these books, we must apply much prayer when reading. As you read these most inspiring books, you will be enlightened to understand the power of spending enough time in the secret place of prayer.

   Be mindful of this tremendous truth as you read these books: you are encouraged to enjoy the spiritual riches provided in these books rather than to consider the literary language.


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