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Depending on God for Provision: Steps to Greater Faith in Christ Jesus – Sylvanus Godspower
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   It is required from man, who is the highest creature among God’s creation, as also the only creature who has been made in the similitude of God, the Creator, to absolutely depend on the Lord for everything. As the lives of all living things depend on man’s existence for their survival, in a similar way, God is the one basis of man’s daily victory and sustenance both spiritually and physically. Again, as the creation is not independent of man, likewise man is not more independent of God. 

   Man by himself cannot do anything successfully without having his uttermost faith in God. Man must depend on God, for He is the unique answer to all his needs and wants, the strength for his daily movements and activities, and the power for his success and accomplishments. Outside God, all that seem to be solutions for man’s needs are nothing but an ensnaring forge that generates anxiety and unhappiness.           

   Acts 17:28a says, “For in Him we live and move and have our being.” (AMP)FurthermoreJob 12:10 states, “In His hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind” (ESV). The lives of all men, their actions, and their existence are in God just as the lives of all living things are anchored in man’s existence. This does not mean that unbelievers are partakers of Christ’s life and nature. However, it can be likened to how people accommodate and beautify their houses with handicrafts for a time and later throw them away or burn them with fire. Though those handicrafts beautify the homes, they cannot be compared to the joy and beauty of children at home. Today, everyone is benefiting from God in one way or the other. But on the Great Day; that is, the Day of Judgement, the Lord will distinguish between His children and the unbelievers.

   Man must be conscious of how dependent his life is on God. Man needs God to do everything, even the smallest thing we can imagine. One must be aware of the truth that he needs God to breathe, hear, talk, walk, and do every other thing. However, most people only realise how much they need God if a part of their body is not functioning properly. This causes some to pretend as though they are humble and have surrendered their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, but after their healing, they then turn their back on God. For instance, an asthmatic patient recognises how much he is dependent on God for breathing, but he soon forgets God after his recovery. Fellow brethren, we need God in everything, we need Him for everything, and we need Him to do everything successfully. Most of these things may be considered small and little, and perhaps few others may even not be recognised or valued by many people, but whatever be the case we must depend on God.

   God wants to have the first and most important place in all the matters of man. He wants man to completely depend on Him as the driving force behind all his affairs. Man’s total dependency on God is our Lord’s satisfaction. What then is depending on God? It is the state of having absolute trust in God and relying on Him as the only source of our livelihood, our support, our strength, our survival, and our success. Depending on God is a matter of believing. Behold, believing God produces unquestioning obedience, and such kind of obedience springs into acting willingly and joyfully on the Word. 


   As God demanded from man to depend absolutely on Him, He made Himself dependable. God presented Himself so reliable that man can rely on Him. Concerning the needs of man, He is rich and faithful to supply them at the right time.  In the time of trouble, He is the most trustworthy and patient friend who abides with His faithful people and does not abandon them. He is righteous and mighty, so He passes fair and transparent judgement. He does not pervert justice, nor does He take a bribe. Behold, He shows no partiality to kings neither does He regard the rich nor the poor.

   As the heavens are so much higher than the earth, so are the ways of God higher than the wisdom of the wise and His deeds above the understanding of mankind. Surely, God is the reliable support to all who trust in Him; He is near those who call on Him in truth. It is by His mercy that He provides bread for starving men and delivers the oppressed from their affliction. In His arms is safety, and security is found in His presence.        

   To those who trust God and completely rely on Him, the Lord is their refuge and their fortress. His faithfulness is their shield and buckler. His name is their honour and their identity. Most assuredly, all who make Him – the Almighty God their dwelling place find peace, joy, liberty, security, and salvation for their souls. The Most High God is mightier than the world’s best military armoured vehicle; He is mightier than a well-fortified tower house. The Lord, who is King over kings and Lord over all, is indeed mighty.  Therefore those who make Him their dwelling place and lean on the power of His might shall never be put to shame nor shall they be abandoned by Him.

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