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Depending on God for Provision: Steps to Greater Faith in Christ Jesus – Sylvanus Godspower
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   After my first three publications, I, Sylvanus Godspower was led by the Lord to make intensive research in the Bible on how a believer will absolutely depend on Him for all kinds of provision. This book is therefore a product of seven months of exclusive study of the Bible on this subject.

   In my few years of ministry, the Lord has enlightened the eyes of my heart to see the need for becoming absolutely dependent on Him for all kinds of provision. Our Lord wants us to attach ourselves to Him for the bountiful supply of our spiritual needs, He wants us to abide with Him for the continuous supply of our everyday needs, and He requires us to tenaciously cling to Him for our daily success and victory. Depending on the Lord is a crucial matter in the sight of God; for being independent of God is the most serious sin a believer can commit in His walk with God, hence it hinders us in our various areas of ministry. This book is part of the Lord’s enlightenment on this subject.

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