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The Way of the Church – Volume One: Understanding the Eight Aspects of the Church from a Biblical Point of View
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   The building of the church and the preparation of the bride is the current work the Lord is doing in the universe. This is God’s eternal purpose and therefore deserve every attention. This understanding drove me to diligently study the Bible and read the New Testament several times in order to receive light and revelation about the  church.

   Even when the Lord had enlightened me about the matter of the church and instructed me to publish the light, understanding, and revelation given to me, I was very hesitant as I considered myself unqualified to write on such a great subject. Unlike Peter  in the matter of the great sheet (Acts 10:9 to 16), I surrendered myself to the Lord to do according to His instruction lest the sheet (the assignment) be taken back to heaven.

   I want to state that I did this work with fear and all carefulness to write precisely that which is upon the heart of God. As Paul said in Galatians 1:12, this book is not a photocopy of anyone’s revelation; it is a product of my labour in the word and my obedience to the Lord’s leading. I commit this book into the hands of the Lord Who is its source, let Him use it for edifying His body.

Sylvanus Godspower

January 2023,

Kpong, Eastern Region Ghana.

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