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The Believers’ Fellowship – Sylvanus Godspower
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   In the previous discussion, we have gained some insight into what believers’ fellowship is. We have clearly seen believers’ fellowship as our corporate participation in the riches of Christ which issues from the sharing of the spiritual values deposited in us with one another through association and communication. Our association, as we have understood is our meetings, and the time we spend with one another. And we have also seen our communication as the teaching, the exhortation, and the admonishing we give one another.

   Behold, the meaning we have gotten to fellowship portrays what the goal of fellowship is and further shows us what we must strive to achieve in our fellowship for the building up of the church. Yes, this is precisely the goal and it should definitely be what we must look out for in our fellowship that all the saints should cooperatively enjoy and participate in the riches of Christ for the building up of the church. Believers’ fellowship is for cooperate enjoyment of Christ and cooperate participation in His riches which leads to the edification, perfection, and establishment of the saints. Therefore, when we meet or spend time with each other in admonishing, exhortation, and teaching but there is no supply of the riches of Christ, then we are a mile far away from the purpose of fellowship. I am afraid that the saints will not attain the measure of the fullness of Christ and the church will not be built up for the Lord’s coming. To be frank with you, my brethren, when we constantly have such a fellowship that yields nothing for our spiritual growth and building, our Christian life is at risk. In a more serious words, we are at a point of spiritual death.

   In order to have a healthy fellowship that supplies the riches of Christ to every member, our fellowship must start with God and extend to the saints. Of course, healthy fellowship always starts with Christ and then with the saints. I repeat, before our fellowship with one another can be effective; that is, to be life supplying and life-impacting, we must first be in constant fellowship with the Lord. First John 1:3 and 7 say, “That which we have seen and heard we declare to you, that you also may have fellowship with us; and truly our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ… but if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin,” (NKJV). In these verses, the Apostle said that what they have seen and heard from the Lord is what they share with the saints. On the one hand, what they received from Christ through their fellowship with Him is what they preach to bring sinners into fellowship with God. On the other hand, the light they received from Christ through their fellowship with Him is what they share in their fellowship with the saints. This shows that the measure of Christ’s Life we gain into our human spirit through fellowshipping with Him is proportional to what we share in our fellowship with the brothers. We can only supply what we possess! Therefore, if we are not fellowshipping with Christ to gain Christ’s Life into ourselves, we can only share from our intellectual abilities and past experiences which will bring death to those hearing us.

   The question now is how do we have constant fellowship with the Lord? We have fellowship with the Lord by seeking the Lord. We must notice that our fellowship with the saints is a cooperate matter while our fellowship with the Lord is an individual matter. Concerning our fellowship with the Lord, we must develop the habit of seeking the Lord individually in our private places. We must individually spend enough time with the Lord in prayer, fasting, the reading of the Word, calling on the name of Jesus, and singing. (If you want to know more about seeking the Lord, then I highly recommend to you the book “Our Mission to Seek the Lord, to Live for Him, and to Work with Him.” In this book, you will have a deeper understanding on the subject of seeking the Lord, living for the Lord, and working with the Lord). When we are seeking the Lord, the Lord will bestow more of Himself into us, and thus, we will be made capable of supplying Christ’s Life to the saints for the building up of the church (Ephesians 4:16a).

   When we read the Bible thoroughly, we will clearly see three main kinds of fellowship that must exist among us, the believers. These are: household fellowship, the fellowship of the church, and brother with brother fellowship. Household fellowship is the fellowship that exists in a believing family. In other words, it is the fellowship among believers living in the same house. The fellowship of the church is the general fellowship all the believers enjoy in their various localities. Finally, the brother with brother fellowship is the fellowships we have when we get in contact with one another.

   Now, let us proceed and discuss each of the fellowships as listed above.


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