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Prayer is Needed for Effective Ministration – Sylvanus Godspower
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   The Lord is looking for faithful and trustworthy servants among His people. Those who will always be connected to Him and His desire will become theirs, and will hear Him even when He whispers.

   When we study the Bible thoroughly, we will come across few faithful and trustworthy servants of God. An example of them was the man Moses. Moses, the servant of God was filled with faith and he was so meek. He always  prayed for himself and the Israelites. God Himself testified that he was faithful in His entire house (Numbers 12:7b). It was his praying habit that made him faithful in the house of Israel. He became a friend of God as a result of his faithfulness which he acquired through constant and effective prayer. Fellow brethren, we will be possessed with faithfulness if we spend enough time with the Lord in prayer. We will also become consecrated through constant and effective prayer. We should not at any time neglect the ministry of prayer. Then we will make our ways prosperous, and we will succeed both spiritually and physically.

   Let us consider the prayer ministry of the apostles, prophets, teachers, workers of miracles and the healers, and administrators in each chapter.

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