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The Way of the Church – Volume One: Understanding the Eight Aspects of the Church from a Biblical Point of View

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Cultivate a deeper understanding of the church with this practical and illuminating guide.



The church is a mystery that cannot be understood unless the Heavenly Father showers abundant grace upon us and open the eyes of our hearts to behold it. Everything about the church is a mystery. As Christ is a mystery and it requires abundant grace for a person to know Him and give himself to Him, so is the church He is building. In this book, the Lord has blessed His body with a rich and healthy understanding of the eight major aspects of the church. These are:

One: The church, the constitution of the saved ones.
Two: The church, the organization of the early apostles.
Three: The church, how the early believers fellowship.
Four: The church, doctrine, and teaching.
Five: The church, the body of Christ.
Six: The church, offerings, and donations.
Seven: The church, teamworking in the Lord’s work.
Eight: The church, authority, and leadership.

This book is divided into two volumes. The first volume covers the first four aspects of the church as listed above and the second volume also covers the last four.

It is important to note that we will be judged according to the word of God and our ministries will be measured by the prototypical ministry of our Lord Jesus, and the apostles of old. If our lives are not in line with the word, and our ministries are below the standard set by Jesus and the early apostles, we will lose the reward. As these are certain, we must take caution not to practice anything less or more than what the Bible teaches. All that the Lord requires from us, both in words and conduct has been practiced by our forefathers. Hence, if we desire to know the truth about the various aspects of the church, then we must be diligent in reading the Bible and looking back on the ministry of the early apostles.


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