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“A believer must diligently search for the truth that he will both read and listen to it in order to know the truth and be free from all kinds of deception.” Sylvanus Godspower.

The purpose of our salvation is to grow into the fullness of Christ. God does not want spiritual infants and cannot tolerate such in His kingdom. Our growth and maturity require the rich teaching of the word. Without the ministration of the Word, we cannot attain maturity. Yes! Without receiving the right word, our spiritual growth will be slackening. In this way, we will regularly attend church meetings and participate in several spiritual activities, however, our character will not be perfected.  We must pay attention to the word; much more, we must embrace the rich teaching of the word composed of the central matters of the gospel which can edify us and make us more resolute in our pursuit of the Lord. 

God’s Power Gospel Books are rich deposits of spiritual values that will help you greatly in your walk with the Lord. They focus on experiencing the Life of Christ for one’s salvation, transformation, and preparation for the kingdom. These publications are issued from the Spirit of God and are not in any way a product of one’s natural efforts and initiations. (To know more about God’s Power Gospel Books Publications, and the author, Sylvanus Godspower, please navigate to Our Ministry page. You can also explore the other pages by clicking the menu bar at the top right corner of your mobile device). When you start a subscription with God’s Power Gospel Books, you will gain access to all exclusive content, ranging from great titles on faith, prayer, church growth, church administration, church leadership, spiritual maturity, Christian ministry, translations and so much more.  Starting a subscription is a maximum investment into your Christian life which you will never regret. 

Read! You’ll find intimacy with God and grow into the stature of Christ

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  • You can add the Progressive Web App (PWA) of God's Power Gospel Books to your home screen using your browser. By installing the PWA, you'll not need to open your browser to access the site at everytime; you can simply operate the site from the web app as a traditional app. This makes accessing the site and reading easier.
  • Are you new? An account will be created for you during the subscription process. With your account, you can access your books, ask questions, leave reviews, keep track of your reading, and so much more.
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